Pic courtesy of CrossFit Forbidden.

The Culture Fitness & Fashion Expo, Arizona’s largest Fitness & Fashion Expo is headed your way Saturday July 28th 2018!

Whether you are a Power Lifter, a Crossfitter, train to compete, train MMA, or are just getting started on your fitness journey, no matter what your fitness level is or even how you define fitness, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see the hottest new fitness trends up close and in person.  With over 125 vendor booths, a unique fashion show and a ton of other activities going on, this is your one stop shop for all your fitness needs. Meet & Greet with Brook Ence and check out her new apparel line.

CrossFit Forbidden is hosting the AZFITCOM individual competition at the event. Limited capacity for athletes. Early registration is $79/athlete. All registered athletes get free admission to the venue. Register as Intermediate, RX, or Elite.  Click on the above picture for more info and to register.


25 Min AMRAP:

10 dual KB Deadlifts(53/35)

50 yd dual KB front rack carry (53/35)

50 yd dual KB Farmer’s Walk (53/35)

10 dual KB Thrusters (53/35)

Video courtesy of FitStrong Training.  Quick demo on the KB deadlifts.  KBs stay on the outside of the legs.


Video courtesy of Central Athlete.  Quick demo on the KB front rack darry.


Video courtesy of EVOLVE by MElissa.  Demo of the framer walk (don’t let shoulders roll forward).


Video courtesy of Train Aggressive.  Demo of the KB thrusters


Remember, the AMRAP is 25 min long, meaning your goal is to find a pace you can maintain for 25 minute without stopping.


Scaling Options:

KB weight -> as needed


Cool Down:

Hang from pull up rig – 2 min hang time


Banded tricep stretch

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