Due to  Govt. Shutdown, there will be no official classes, but the Combat will be open M-F 0430-2100.  IF you plan on going in, post on our FB page so in case others want to join in.


Warm Up:

As a team of 2:

200M Run

10 Air Squats (in synch)

10 Push Ups (in synch)

10 Vertical Jumps

10 Side lunges (switch direction ea rep

Tire flip/tire jump practice




Partner WOD*:

For Time:

15 Tire Flips

20 Tire Jumps

15 Tire Flips

30 Tire Jumps

15 Tire Flips

40 Tire Jumps


*Flips done as team

 One person working at a time for tire jumps

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Quick tutorial on tire flips.

Find a friend to do this WOD!

For Tire Jumps, treat them like box jumps, just land on the top of the tire.  Still extend hips at the top before you hop or step down.


Scaling Options:

Tire Flips -> Find a lighter Tire (If scaling up, do flips solo)


Tire Jumps -> Tire Step Ups


Cool Down:

Pigeon pose on tire – 1 min per side


10 slow and controlled bow to bends

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