Power Snatch + OHS


5X1 As Heavy As Possible

Final run of Power Snatch + Overhead Squat complex before re-testing our 5X5!  Goal today is to complete 5 heavy singles.  You can increase weight each time or stay at the weight you pick as long as it is a weight that pushes you to maintain proper form .



2016 CrossFit Team Series Event 4:

10 Min to establish 1RM for Hang Power Clean

Video courtesy of Kill Cliff. Throwback to last year when this was Event 4 for the teams.  But instead of having 10 minutes for 4 individuals to hit a 1RM on hang power clean, you get the full 10 minutes for yourself!  But, take time to enjoy watching Brooke Wells, Alex Anderson, Jacob Anderson and Lindy Barber kill this one…


Scaling Options: N/A



Cool Down:

Roll out upper back – 30 passes


Couch stretch – 3 min per leg

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