Don’t forget, tomorrow is our “31 Heroes” event.  If you haven’t signed up your team of two yet, please see Sherri ASAP!



5 cals on ski erg

10 one-legged RDL to kick

10 Squat2Stands

5 cals on assault bike

10 push ups

10 thoracic high fives

10 empty bar strict press

5 empty bar push press


Push Jerk


Increase weight every set

This piece of the strength cycle will help build up muscular endurance.  Grind through those long sets.  Make sure you make weight increases properly to push yourself.  If the set of 10 felt easy, you went way too light.



Every Minute On the Minute for 16 Min:

Odd Minutes: 10 Pistols

Even Minutes: 200M Row


Scaling Options:

Pistols -> banded pistols

video courtesy of CrossFit Invictus


Row ->200M run


Cool Down:

Ankle mobility – 10 min


Childs pose – 2 min

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