Warm Up:

250M Row

Spiderman lunge 30’

One leg RDLs to kick 30’

Lateral Lunge 30’

Walking kicks 30’

10 sit ups

10 kip swings

10 over and backs



For total distance:

1:00 Row/1:00 Rest

2:00 Row/2:00 Rest

3:00 Row/3:00 Rest

4:00 Row/4:00 Rest

3:00 Row/3:00 Rest

2:00 Row/2:00 Rest

1:00 Row

Today, we’ll be doing a  1:1 Work:Rest ratio on the rower.  The rest should allow you to row hard each time.


Scaling Options:

Ski Erg


Cool Down:

Glute/hip mash w/lacrosse ball(sit on box) – 2 min per side


Roll out upper back – 20 passes

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