3 Rounds:

:30 Jump Rope practice

5 Cobra to Downward Dog

10 Plank Shoulder Taps

10 Hollow Rocks

8 Alt V-Ups

1 Wall Walk w/:20 Handstand Hold


On Rig: Perform 5 reps of: Scap Pull Ups, Beat Swings, Kip Swings, Kipping Knee Raise, Toe2Bar


4 Rounds For Time:

75 Double Unders

30 Toe2Bar

10 Wall Walks


Time Cap: 30 Min

Video courtesy of WOD Prep.  Some good tips to up your Wall Walk game.

Today could turn into a shoulder burner if you focus more on muscling through the first two movements instead of making the movements smooth.  What I mean is, on the dubs, relax the shoulders and keep the spin of the rope in your wrists.  Also, find a rhythm on the jumps rather than trying to go as fast as possible.  Steady rhythm will mean more unbroken dubs, = being done faster.  On the Toe2Bar, utilize your kip and push back from the bar as you lift your feet up.  Make these smooth as well.  This way, your shoulders still have some juice when you get to the wall walks.

Scaling Options:

Double Unders -> 150 Single Unders (ELITE: 100 Dubs)

Toe2Bar -> Alt Single Leg T2B -> Kipping Knee Raise-> Strict Knee Raise -> V-Ups

Wall Walks -> Pike Wall Walk off box -> 4 Plank Shoulder taps per 1 Wall Walk

Cool Down:

Cobra Pose – 2 Min


Calf Stretch on rig – 2 Min per side


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