1:00 Row (easy pace)

10 Sit Ups

1:00 Row (med pace)

10 Hollow Rocks

1:00 Row (5K pace or faster)

10 Beat Swings on pull up bar

:30 Row Sprint

10 Kip Swings

Barbell Warmup: With an empty barbell, perform 5 reps of: Good mornings, Kang Squats, RDLs, Staggered stance RDLs(5 per leg), Deadlifts




Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Starting Strength.

This cycle, our pulling movement takes us back to the basics. Good ol’ fashioned deadlift.  No secrets to these. Just keep good form and move weight!


15 Min AMRAP:

10/8 Cal Row

5 Pull-Ups

10/8 Cal Row

10 Pull-Ups

10/8 Cal Row

15 Pull-Ups

10/8 Cal Row

20 Pull-Ups


Increase Pull-Ups by 5 every round

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.

Today we find a nice row mixed in with a Pull Up ladder.  As you go along in this WOD, make the goal to hit big chunks of pull ups if not be unbroken every round.

Scaling Options:

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull-Ups -> Ring Rows (ELITE: Muscle Ups)

Cool Down:

Lat stretch on rig – 1 min per side

Video courtesy of Harbor Park CrossFit


Iron Cross Hold – 1Min per side


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