200M jog

10 Alternating Samson stretch

10 push up to downward dog

:30 Single Unders

:30 air squats

:30 R-leg SUs

10 walking lunges

:30 L-leg SUs

10 Walking lunges


12 Min EMOM:

Min 1 – 5 Single-Arm Deadlifts per side

Min 2 – 5 Single-Arm Push Press per side

Min 3 – 5 Single Arm Devil’s Press – Left arm

Min 4 – 5 Single-arm Devil’s press – Right arm

Video courtesy of Street Parking.  Quick demo of one-arm devil’s press. Looking to prime up the shoulders and core for the Single-Arm DB work coming in today’s WOD.


12-Min AMRAP:

8 Dumbbell Snatches, Arm 1

8 Overhead Walking-Lunge Steps, Arm 1

8 Dumbbell Snatches, Arm 2

8 Overhead Walking-Lunge Steps, Arm 2

40 Double Unders


DB weight – 50/35

Videos courtesy of the CrossFit Games.

Today’s Quarterfinal-inspired WOD will get a great burn on your shoulders with the Snatch and OH walking lunge work.  Keep the core tight!  Other than the DB weight, only change is in the QuarterfinalsWOD instead of Dubs, you would do 40 jump rope crossovers.  Feel free to give those a shot.

Scaling Options:

DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed (ELITE: 70/50)

Double Unders -> 80 Single Unders (ELITE: 40 Jump Rope Cross Overs)

Cool Down:

Kneeling Lat Stretch – 1Min per side


Scorpion Stretch – 1 Min per side


:30 lacrosse ball roll on sole of foot

Video courtesy of Rise Above Personal Training


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