8 Cal Bike

10 Cobra2Downward Dog

20 Shoulder Taps in plank

10 Kneeling Lat Stretch

10 Scorpions

8 Cal on Ski Erg

10 Alt V-ups

On Rig: Perform 5 reps of scap pull ups, kip swings, strict pull ups or ring rows, kipping pull ups (or ring rows)


EMOM 15:

Min 1 – 12/9 Cal Bike

Min 2 – 15 Pull Ups

Min 3 – 25 Ab-Mat Sit Ups


Rest 5 Min, then…



Ski Erg Cals

Handstand Push Ups

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.

Little 2-for-Tuesday feel for today’s dual WOD!  The rep counts in the first part of today are meant to challenge you.  You’ll be lucky to have any more than a 15-second break per minute. Find a steady pace and keep from losing form.  If form gets sloppy, it’ll require more effort to finish, thus making you more tired than needed

Scaling Options:

Pull ups -> Banded pull ups -> Buddha Pull ups -> Ring Rows

If no ski erg, banded ski erg.  2 Pulls + 1 Cal

HSPUs -> Pike Push-ups off a box -> Pike push-ups off the floor -> High kneel DB should press

Cool Down:

Lat Stretch on Rig – 1 Min per side

Video courtesy of Harbor Park CrossFit


Cobra Pose – 2 Min


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