1 Min Ski Erg

10 Iron Cross

10 KB deadlifts

5 Cobra to Hip Snap

8 KB Russian Swings

10 Kneeling Lat Stretch

10 Huggers

10 Over & Backs

On Rig: Perform 5 reps of scap pull ups, kip swings, Kipping Knee Raise, Alternating 1-Leg Toe2Bar (do 6 total), Toe2Bar


8 Min EMOM:

Min 1 – :30 Active hang from rig

Min 2 – :15 Top of pull up (chin over bar) hold

Videos courtesy of Karhu Training Co. and Functional Bodybuilding, respectively.  Quick demos of the Active Hang and Chin Over Bar Hold.   Squeeze those shoulder blades in the active hang, and keep core and shoulders/arms tight in the chin over bar hold.


For Time*:

100 Am KB Swings (53/35)

100 Burpees


* EMOM 5 Toe2Bar (WOD begins w/5 Toe2Bars)


35 Min Time Cap

Try to keep as steady a rhythm on both the KB Swings and burpees to get as many knocked out per minute before you have to jump back on the Toe2Bars.

Scaling Options:

KB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Toe2Bar -> Alt 1-Legged Toe2Bar -> Kipping Knee Raise -> V-Ups

Video courtesy of FitKAFAlar

Cool Down:

Barbell rollout on forearms – 1 Min

Video courtesy of 3rd Element Fitness

Kneeling Lat stretch – 1 Min per side


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