3 Rounds:

6 Box step ups

6 Cobra to downward dog

6 Cobra to hip snap

6 Spider-Man Lunge

2 Seated tuck jumps  – see video below, courtesy of Lifted Fitness

2 Wall Walks


12 Min to establish Max Height on Seated Box Jump

Video courtesy of OTA. For the seated box jumps, we’re generating force from the seated position as well as making it a reactive movement.  To get high, just like in the video, the second the feet make contact on the ground, you need to explode upwards to hit the landing



3 Burpee to Kipping Pull Ups

1 Shuttle Sprint*

9 Handstand Push Ups


*1 shuttle sprint = 5 yards out and back, 10 yards out and back, 15 yards out and back

Video courtesy of Hockey Training Exercise Demonstrations.  Quick demo of the 5-10-15 yd shuttle run.

19 Minutes for an AMRAP is a pretty long stretch.  That said, I would look to find a steady pace throughout so you can keep moving.  If you try to sprint any of this, the chances of you having to take longer breaks between movements grows.  Longer rest = lower score.

Scaling Options:

Burpee to Kipping Pull Up -> Burpee to Jumping Pull up

HSPUs -> pike push-ups off box -> pike push-ups off floor

Cool Down:

Scorpion Pose – 1 Min per side


Thread the Needle pose – 1 Min per side


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