3 Rounds:

8 Squat2Stands

8 Push Ups

8 Kneeling lat stretch

4 Cobra 2 Hip Snap

8 Kip Swings


EMOM 12:

Min 1 – 5-7 Strict Pull Ups

Min 2 – 5 DB Burpee Deadlifts

Min 3 – 5-7 Strict Ring Dips

Min 4 – 8 Push Ups on top of Dumbbells

Videos courtesy of Train FTW and WODStar, respectively.  Demos of the DB Burpee Deadlift and push ups on top of DBs. Looking for good body control strength building in today’s Skill/Strength piece.  Make sure on the strict pull ups and strict dips, the body is at a dead stop prior to each movement.


7 Rounds:

7 Ring Dips

7 Devil’s Press (50/35)

7 Pull Ups

Time Cap – 18 Min

Video courtesy of CrossFit Federal Hill.  Good tips for the Devil’s Press. You’ll need to push your pace in these movements to get under the time cap today.  With the rep ranges per movement being very doable, watch out for the body hitting fatigue around round 4.  That said, have a game plan prior to the start of how you want to do the reps each round.  Best course is unbroken per movement and resting only during transitions.  If you plan on breaking the reps to 4/quick rest/3, per movement, cool, but keep the rest small.

Scaling Options:

Ring Dips -> banded ring dips -> box dips

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull Ups -> Ring Rows

DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Cool Down:

Elevated prayer stretch w/PVC – 2 Min

Video courtesy of ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas.

Iron Cross – 1 Min per side


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