10 Cal Row

10 PVC pass-thrus

10 Bow to Bends

10 Iron Cross

10 PVC around the worlds

10 Squat2Stands

10 Back roll to V-Sit

Barbell w/u: With an empty bar, perform 5 reps of: Good mornings, RDLs, Deadlifts (to mid-shin), Good mornings, deadlift from bottom of shin . Prior to WOD, take empty bar with snatch grip and perform 3 reps of: Snatch grip deadlift, dip/shrug, hang power snatch, power snatch from mid shin


Deficit Deadlift


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness. Third run of Deficit Deadlifts this cycle.  The hope is by now, your body has gotten used to the lower set up and you are feeling stronger at the start. The reps drop to 3 per set, but sets go back up to 5, so aim to finish heavier than you did on the 3X5 week. As stated before, the goal here is to build strength in the initial pull off the ground in the deadlift.  By making us stronger in a further distance than our traditional deadlift set-up, we should not have a sticking point right off the ground in a traditional deadlift.  That said, pay extra attention on bracing your core and keeping your back as flat as possible through the lift.


4 Rounds for Calories

In 2 Min, complete:

2 Snatch Grip Deadlifts

2 Hang Power Snatch

2 Power Snatch

Max Calorie Row in remaining time

– Rest 2:00 between rounds


Starting bar weight (95/65).  Increase by 10/5 lbs each round

Score = Total cals rowed

So, while we want to get as much of the 2 minutes as we can on the rower, don’t let your form suffer on the Snatch grip work.  With the weight jumping every round, keep the back nice and straight and depend on a violent hip extension to move the bar

Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> start at 75/55 (or lower if needed) and increase if possible.  If not, stay at same weight throughout (Elite: start at 135/95)

Cool Down:

Back extensions on GHD – 3×10

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ


Iron Cross – 1 Min per side


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