Grab a pair of light DBs

200M jog

5 DB deadlifts

5 dip/shrug with DBs

5 hang power cleans

5 push ups on top of DBs

5 DB deadlifts

5 DB shoulder to OH

5 Devil’s Press


Jerk From Rack:

3×2 #70% of 1RM

2×1 #80%

3×1 #85%


Jerks can be Split Jerk or Push Jerk

Videos courtesy of Rogue Fitness and Catalyst Athletics, respectively.  Today, you can go with either split or push for your jerk.


12 Min AMRAP:

1 Hang Dual DB Power Clean (50/35)

1 Devil’s Press

1 Dual DB Shoulder to OH

2 Hang Dual DB Power Clean

2 Devil’s Press

2 Dual DB Shoulder to OH

etc…Add 1 rep per movement each round

Videos courtesy of Train FTW and CrossFit Federal Hill, respectively.  Quick demos on the Hang DB Power Clean and the Devil’s Press.

Ah, a nice ascending ladder AMRAP to finish off your week!  Every round, you will in crease the rep count per movement by one rep. As you get into the higher numbers, the reps will get spicy, but aim to go unbroken each time you start a movement. Today, we want you to use the DB Hang Power Clean version where the DBs stay outside of the legs.  Get a good hinge of the hips in the hang and then violently extend the hips as your shrug and throw the elbows in front of the DBs (as seen in the video above). For the Devil’s Press, as the reps go up, find a good rhythm to keep moving through them.  And for the Shoulder to OH, you can use any method (press, push press, push jerk, split jerk) as long as you finish with the DBs locked out overhead and the hips and knees fully locked out.

Scaling Options:

DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Cool Down:

Thread the Needle Hold – 1 Min per side


Scorpion Hold – 1 Min per side

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