4 Rounds of “Rowling”*

Penalty moves per round

Round 1 – Burpees

Round 2 – Jumping Air Squats

Round 3 – Hand Release Push Ups

Round 4 – Wall Walks

Video courtesy of Train FTW. For those who have never done “Rowling”    The goal is to row exactly 100M each round.  Once the rower gets to 80M, you stop rowing and see where it ends.  Any meters over or under 100 = the number of penalty movement reps you’ll need to do (ex. Rnd 1, I row  102, therefore I do 2 burpees before going into Rnd 2).


Complete for quality

250M Row (arms only)

250M Row (Hips and arms only)

250M Row (Legs and hips only)

250M Row (full stroke)

Videos courtesy of Upside Strength.  Demos of the arms only, hips and arms, legs and hips, and full stroke for the row.


“Interval 5K Row”

For Time:

Row 250M

Row 500M

Row 750M

Row 1000M

Row 1000M

Row 750M

Row 500M

Row 250M


Rest 1 Min between distances

Today, the end goal is a 5K row, but by doing it in different intervals, and built-in rest, you can allow the body to go at a higher speed than you would a continuous 5K.  Once you finish, compare it to your regular 5K time (from 20210607).

Scaling Options:

If no rower is available, run, in distances of 200/400/600/800/

800/600/400/200, respectively


Echo Bike, but double the distances of the row

Cool Down:

Roll out T-Spine – 2 Min


Roll out hamstrings – 1 Min per side

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