200M run w/med ball

Partner up (Pair up and have partners stand about 10-15’ away from each other.  No do the med ball drills lined in the warmup)

10 chest passes w/med ball

10 side tosses w/med ball

10 granny shots w/med ball

10 wall ball shots w/med ball

Barbell warmup: With an empty bar, and in clean grip, perform 3 reps of: Dip/Shrug, Dip/Shrug/High Elbows, No-dip muscle clean, High Hang Power Clean, Hang Power Clean, Power Clean from mid-shin

Gruester practice – see video demo below, courtesy of the Bryant Fitness Center.



20 Min AMRAP:

7 Med Ball Gruesters (20/14)

10 Wall Ball (20/14)

12 Power Cleans (135/95)

400m run

Today’s WOD is in honor of the great troops in EOD.  Their training is what inspired this one.  We are running an event from 0600-0900 to do this WOD. SSgt Matt Slaydon (ret) and SSgt Dan Acosta (ret), both combat decorated Iraqi War Veterans will be guests of Honor.

Scaling Options:

Med ball weight -> 14/10 -> as needed

Bar weight -> 115/80 -> 95/65 -> as needed

Run -> 500M row

Cool Down:

Oly Wall Sit – 3 Min


Child’s Pose – 2 Min

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