500M row

Walking lunge 30’

Bear crawl 30’

Side lunge 30’ and back

Inchworm 30’

Samson lunge 30’

Kneeling wrist stretch–30 sec

Barbell Warmup: With an empty bar and hands in clean grip, perform 3 reps of: RDL, dip/shrug, dip/shrug/high elbow, high hang power clean, power clean, front squat, low hang squat clean, clean pull.  Put down bar, shake out arms, pick bar back up and perform 5 reps of: press, push press, push jerk, split jerk


Clean Pull + Power Clean + Low Hang Squat Clean




+ 1 Jerk at the end of ea set.

Sets start every 3 min

% based on 16Mar 1RM

Video courtesy of Collin Meeves. Welcome to our new Strength Cycle!  This cycle’s Clean variation will give us a complex that will emphasize the First & Second Pull on the Clean with a Clean Pull, as well as work the overall hip extension in both a Power Clean and a Low Hang Squat Clean.  With the low hang, the goal is to come to a stop right below the knee.  When you are in that position, make sure you stay tight!


3 Rounds:

150′ Dual KB Farmer Walk (53/35)

10 Curtis Ps (110/70)

50′ Dual KB OH Walk (53/35)

Time Cap – 18 Min

Videos courtesy of CrossFit Federal Hill and Boxlife Magazine, respectively.  Quick demos of the Curtis P and the Dual KB OH Walk. Today’s WOD will test both your grip stamina and core stability.  Suggest marking off a 25’ section and do 3 down & backs for the farmer walks, and a down & back for the OH walk.  With the Curtis Ps, for the lunges, just have the knee kiss the ground, don’t slam it into the ground.

Scaling Options:

KB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed (IF you can do the farmer walk with RX weight, but not the OH, have 2 sets of KBs out)

Bar weight -> 95/65 -> 75/55 -> as needed

Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 2 Min per side


Banded hamstring Stretch – 1 Min per side


Downward Dog – 2 Min

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