Pic courtesy of The CrossFit Games.  One week left in the CrossFit Open!  Look for the big announcement this Thursday at 1pm local on the CrossFit Games website!


2 Rounds:

1 Min Bike

5 Inchworm + Air Squat

10 Squat2Stands

6 In-place lunges

10 Heel2Toe


Super Squat Hip Sequence – See video below, courtesy of Mobility WOD

Barbell Warmup: With an empty bar perform 5 reps of: Good mornings, Back Squat, Kang Squat


Back Squat


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics. Today we want to keep the legs active so we’re ready to re-test out 5X5 next week.  With the higher reps, aim to go lighter than you have over the last few weeks, but pick a weight that will make you work to keep stability in the later reps


12 Min AMRAP:

18/13 Cal Bike

24 Dual DB Lunge (50/35)

Video courtesy of CrossFit Branson. Demo for the Dual DB Lunge. And for the WOD, the 24 lunges are total, not per leg.  Keep the DBs in farmer carry position. So, look to take the foot off the gas for the last cal or so on the Assault or Echo Bike so your legs are ready for the lunges.  These lunges are in-place, but if you want to make them walking lunges, have at it.

Scaling Options:

DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 2 Min per side


Banded hamstring Stretch – 1 Min per side

Video courtesy of CrossFit Federal Hill

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