8 Cal Ski Erg

Bear Crawl 30’

Bear Crawl backwards 30’

Inchworm 30’

10 Push Up 2 Downward Dog

10 Over & Backs

On Rig: On the Rig, perform 5 reps of: Scap Pull Ups, Kip Swings, Pull Ups (or ring rows), Chest2Bar Pull Ups (supine ring rows)

Barbell Warmup: With an empty bar and in Clean grip, perform 5 reps of: no-dip muscle clean, Press, Push Press, but bar on back and perform 5 elbow rotations per arm


Push Press


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics. Final visit to Push Press this cycle before we re-test our 5X5.  Today, we’re looking to work to a Heavy Single.  If that happens to be a new 1RM, cool!  If not, make it heavy for the day.  Keep the form dialed in and keep that core tight!


5 Rounds:

15/12 Cal Ski Erg

10 Chest2Bar Pull Ups


Time Cap: 16 Min

Find a good, steady pace on the Ski Erg, then shake the arms out and take a few deep breaths as you walk over to the pull up bar.  If 10 Chest2Bar pull ups is not in your tool box, hit a manageable chunk, come off the bar, shake out, and go again.  Try to aim for either 5, drop, shake out, and 5 more, or 5,3,2.  Goal is, never hit failure on the pull ups.

Scaling Options:

Ski Erg -> Resistance Band Ski Erg

Video courtesy of KIS Fitness

C2B Pull Ups -> Chin above Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull ups -> Ring Rows -> Table Row

Cool Down:

Banded Bully stretch – 1 Min per side


Roll out lats  – 1 Min per side

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