Jog 30’ and back x4

High knees 30’ and back

Butt kickers 30’ and back

Side shuffle 30’ and back

Spider-Man Lunge 30’

Stiff-leg bear crawl 30’

10 cal bike

Super Squat Hip Sequence – video courtesy of Mobility WOD


4 x 5:30 Rounds For Reps:

800m Run

In remaining time complete as many Cals on Bike as possible

– Rest 1:30 between Rounds


Score = Total Cals

The goal is to finish the run in roughly 4 minutes or less so you can get some good time in on the bike to get through the cals.  Take the rest time to stretch out the legs a bit as you catch your breath.

Scaling Options:

Run -> 1000M Row

If no bike -> Ski Erg or Rower

Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 2 Min per leg


Hurdler Stretch – 2 Min per side

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