10 Cal Row

10 Bow 2 Bends

5 Cobra 2 Hip Snap

10 Cal Row

8 KB deadlifts

8 Russian swings

5 Burpees


8 Rounds For Time:

15 Russian KB Swings (70/53)

15 Burpee Over KB

15/11 Calorie Row

Video courtesy of Badass CrossFit.  Quick demo of Burpee over Kettlebell. Fast hips will make all three movements come out better today.  Really force that opening of the hips to move the KB for the Russian swings.  A fast hip closure to get you ff the ground in the burpee saves your chest and shoulders, and forcefully opening the hips after a strong leg drive on the row will make the cals fly by!

Scaling Options:

KB weight -> 53/35 -> As needed

Burpee over KB -> Burpee

Cool Down:

Roll out lats – 1 Min per side


Roll out T-Spine – 2 Min

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