2022 CrossFit-Open-Equipment-list

Pic courtesy of The Morning Chalkup.  CrossFit releases its list of equipment we’ll need for the 2022 Open.  Get ready for some fun!  If you have not registered yet, click here.  You can do a search for our affiliate, Joint Strike CrossFit, to join our affiliate team.  Will be three fun weeks of WODs, so why not see where we land?


200M jog

10 Spider-man Lunge

10 Box Step Ups

10 Cobra 2 Downward Dog

10 Squat2Stand

10 Thoracic High Fives

5 Box Jumps

10 Hollow Rocks

On Pull Up bar : Perform 5 reps of: Scap Pull Ups, Kip Swings, Strict Pull ups, Kipping or butterfly pull ups , kipping knee raise, Toe2Bar



25 Toes-to-Bars

50 Walking Lunges

75 Push-ups

50 Box Jumps (24″/20”)

25 Pull-ups

Video courtesy of Invictus Fitness.  Some good tips on Toe2Bar efficiency. Today’s bodyweight bonanza will give you some good time under tension to work good body control through a wide array of movements.  The rep counts are a little on the higher side.  So, if you are a gymnastic ninja, do your thing today.  If gymnastics skills are still a work in progress, your goal is manageable chunks and very short breaks before continuing on.

Scaling Options:

Toe2Bar -> Kipping Knee Raise -> Laying Toe2Bar -> V-Ups

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull ups -> Ring Rows -> Table Row

Push up -> go to knees on the up

Box height -> 20/16 -> as needed

Cool Down:

Kneeling Lat Stretch – 1 Min per side


Scorpion pose – 1 min per side

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