200M jog

10 Squat2Stands

5 Inchworm to hollow hold 10 Spider-Man Lunge w/twist

10 PVC pass Thrus

10 PVC around-the-worlds


On rig: Perform 5 reps of: scap pull ups, kip swings, strict pull ups or jumping pull ups, kipping pull ups or ring rows

Burgener warm up- See video below courtesy of CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar Staff.  Two angles of Sage Mertz performing the warmup.


2-Second Paused Snatch (at knee)




Sets start every 4 min

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics. Final run at our Snatch variation before we re-test our Snatch 1RM.  As a reminder, for each rep, pull up to the middle of your knee, and pause there for 2 seconds before finishing the Snatch.  Keep tension while in the pause.  Focus on not re-bending between the end of the pause & the finish of your pull into the snatch. %s go up, so stay tight!


3 Rounds For Time:

400m Run

30 Ab-Mat Sit-ups

20 Pull Ups

10 Cal Bike

18 Min Time Cap

If you do the quick math, the goal is a sub-6 Minute round for all 3 rounds will put you under the cap.  Very make-able, but you have to keep a good, continuous pace.  Keep rest between movements to a minimum.

Scaling Options:

Run -> 500M row

Sit ups -> feet anchored

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull ups -> Ring Rows

Box height -> 20/16 -> as needed

Cool Down:

Overhead thoracic extension mobility – 3 Min

Video courtesy of Power Monkey Fitness


Cobra pose – 1 Min

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