salute to service

Pic courtesy of WeSingBarberShop.com  With Veterans Day being this week, we thought it would be the right time to do a “Salute to Service” week.  We will see 3 different Hero WODs, designed to honor the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending this great nation.  When you’re trudging through these WODs, just take a second to say thanks who came before us.


50 Single Unders

25 one-leg SUs per leg

Spider-Man lunge 30’

Inchworm 30’

Duck walk 30’

Crab walk 30’

30 Double Unders

One-leg RDL to kick 30’

20 arm circles

20 over and backs

On rig: Perform 5 reps of: Scap Pull Ups, Kip Swings, Strict Pull Ups, Kipping Knee Raises, Toe2Bar


EMOM for 12:

Min 1 – 35 Double Unders

Min 2 – 10 Hollow Rocks

Min 3 – 5-7 Strict Pull Ups

Video courtesy of Team CrossFit USA. Some point of performance for Hollow Rocks. We’ll take the first 12 minutes of today just refining some body control movements.  The rep schemes should allow you to focus more on performing the movement efficiently rather than trying to keep a sprint pace to get done before the end of every minute.  Even if you have to cut reps back, focus here more on the movement than your time,




22 Air Squats

12 Toes-to-Bar

9 Burpees

If you have a weight vest wear it

James-Brynin-Hero WOD 8Nov21

Pic courtesy of CrossFit HQ. This British Hero WOD is dedicated to Lance Corporal James Brynin. In the early hours of 15 October 2013, the BRF deployed from Camp Bastion into the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province to counter an imminent threat to both the Afghan population and the International Security Assistance Force. Toward the end of the operation they became the target of enemy fire. Together with a sniper and machine gunner of the BRF, Lance Corporal Brynin returned fire, but while extracting from the area he received a fatal gunshot wound. “Heart of a lion, we will always stand strong for you. We will never forget. Rest in peace – dad, Efremj mum, Sharonj sister, Yasminj and girlfriend, Olivia.”

Scaling Options:

Strict Pull Ups Scale the number -> -> Buddha Pull Ups -> Ring Rows

Hollow Rocks -> hands to the side of body

Toe2Bar -> Kipping Knee Raise -> Laying T2B -> V-Ups

Cool Down:

Bicep stretch on rig – 1 Min per side

Video courtesy of Invictus Fitness


Couch Stretch – 2 Min per side

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