500M Row

30’ Duck Walk

30’ Crab walk

30’ Spider-Man Lunge

30’ Heel2Toe

10 Cobra to Downward Dog

On Rig: On the Pull Up Rig, perform 5 reps of: Scap Pull Up, Kip Swings, Kipping Knee Raise, Toes2Bar

Barbell Warmup: With an empty bar, and in clean grip, perform 3 reps of: dip/shrug, dip/shrug/high elbows, high hang power clean, low hang (below knee) power clean, high hang squat clean, low hang squat clean, squat clean from mid shin, press, push press, push jerk, split jerk


3-Position Clean (Floor, Below the Knee, above the knee)




+ 1 Jerk at the end of ea set.

%s Based off 12Aug 1RM

 Sets start every 4 min

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics. Our third run of our Clean Complex this cycle.  The %s stay the same as last time, but we will up the reps for each set.  Therefore, each set will be 4 min instead of 3.  Work on dropping even FASTER under the bar each rep.



5 Toe2Bars

250M Row

5 Handstand Push Ups


Goal, 7+ Rounds

A row distance that you can give a mini sprint to sandwiched with sprint-number reps for two gymnastic moves. The goal should be unbroken on both the Toe2Bar and HSPUs, and then keep the row fast!  7+ rounds should be very doable.

Scaling Options:

T2B -> Kipping knee Raise -> Laying Toe2Bar -> V-Ups

Row -> 200M Run

HSPUs -> Pike Push Up off box -> Pike Push Up off floor -> Seated DB press

Cool Down:

Cobra Pose – 2 Min


Thread the Needle hold – 1 Min per side

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