Jog 30’ and back x3

50 Single Unders

High Knees 30’

Butt Kickers 30’

25 High-jump SUs

Knee Hug2 Hip Opener 30’

Heel2Toe 30’

25 Dubs or 4 attempts

Calf stretch on rig




Double Unders

Video courtesy of WOD Prep. So, the goal of this first part isn’t to go 10 Minutes unbroken on Dubs (but if you can, that’s pretty badass), rather look to find more efficiency in the movement.  Meaning, try to focus on continuous reps at a pace that allows for as little tripping on the rope as possible.  And, if you do trip after a big set, take enough recovery time so when you start back up, you don’t trip again right away.  10 Min can be a while, so maybe treat it like an EMOM.  Have a number in mind that you can or think you can hit per minute, and try to make that number each minute.  If it takes you 30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds before going again.  And for those who don’t have Dubs or only a few, this will be 10 minutes of good practice for you.



Interval running

8 Rounds* of:

200M Run

*45 sec rest between intervals

Goal-no more than 10 second difference in intervals

Your goal is to never be more than 5-10 seconds off the time of your first sprint.  Make you strides a fast as possible and push through the pain!


Scaling Options:

DUs -> no scale

Run -> 250M row


Cool Down:

Calf Stretch on rig – 2 Min per side


Hamstring rollout – 1 Min per leg

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