Grab LIGHT set of DBs

2 Rounds:

10 DB RDLs

10 DB Front Squats

10 DB Press


Grab light KB

10 KB hip pops

10 KB Russian Swings

Super Squat Hip Sequence – see video below (courtesy of Mobility WOD)

2X5 empty bar back squat


Back Squat


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics. Second stab at good ol’ fashioned Back Squats this cycle.  Sets go down to 3 this time, so go heavier than you did in 5X5 week!  Focus on good form, staying stable throughout the movement, and getting the hips below the knees at the bottom.  Try NOT looking at the ground when doing the Squat.  Couple of reasons.  First, the ground isn’t going anywhere, so stop looking at it.  When you look down, the body follows the eyes.  If you are in a forward leaning position, your knees and low back will suffer.  Second, we want to mimic the catch position for a Clean or a Snatch, with torso upright at the bottom of the squat.  If we go for a heavy Clean or Snatch and we’re leaning forward, we either will lose the lift or run the risk of injuring ourselves


In 3 Min, complete:

7 Double DB Front Squat (50/35)

5 Double DB Shoulder to OH (50/35)

Remaining time, Max Reps – Russian KB Swings (70/53)

Rest 1 Min


*Repeat for total of 4 Sets


Score = Total Russian Swings

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Quick demo and tips for Russian Swings. For the DB shoulder to OH, you can either strict press it, push press it, or push jerk it.  Your choice.  Smart money is going to say Jerk them, to save energy.

So, think of the Double DB Front Squat and Shoulder to OH as your buy-in every round.  The numbers you will count will be the Russian swings

Scaling Options:

DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

KB Weight -> 53/35 -> 35/25 -> as needed

Cool Down:

Pigeon Pose – 2 Min per side


Roll out T-Spine and Low Back – 30 passes

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