3 Rounds:

6 Box Step ups/Jumps

10 Spider-Man Lunge

5 Tuck Jumps

5 Kip Swings


Pigeon Pose on box – 30 sec per leg

Barbell Warmup: With an empty bar, perform 5 reps of: Good mornings, Back Squat, Elbow Rotations, Front Squat, RDL


Spend 10 minutes working on pull up efficiency/progression

Video courtesy of WOD Prep.  Some good progression tips here. The goal for the first 10 minutes is to work on wherever you are in pull ups skills.  If you do not have at least 7-10 strict pull ups, take this time to work on building strength (ring rows, buddha pull ups, bent over rows, banded pull ups, etc…).  Once you can get around 10 strict pull ups, then, and only then would be when you start looking at kipping pull ups.  There is a misconception of learning to do kipping pull ups before you get strict to help you get pull ups.  Not a good way to do things.  Before you get to advanced gymnastics movements like stringing multiple kipping pull ups together, you need to have a good foundation of back, core,  shoulder, and arm strength.  Not building these prior to moving to a kipping pull up sets you up for injury.



Box Jump Overs (30″/24″)

Front Squats (135/95)

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

The standards for today’s WOD are a bit higher, but it’s all good.  It is good to push past the comfort threshold on movements. But, if you have NEVER done the weight or movements as RX, then make sure you scale appropriately

Scaling Options:

Box height -> 24/20 -> as needed

Bar weight -> 115/80 -> 95/65 -> as needed

C2B -> Chin above Pull ups -> Buddha Pull Ups -> Ring Rows -> Table Rows

Cool Down:

OH Shoulder Stretch on box – 2 Min

Video courtesy of Train FTW


10 Back roll to V-sit (slow and controlled)

Video courtesy of The Nate Chambers

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