Grab pair of light DBs

50 Single Unders

10 Pushup2Downward Dog

10 Spider-Man Lunge

10 Squat2Stands

10 DB Floor Press (see video below, courtesy of Train FTW)

25 Double Unders or 3 attempts

Barbell Warmup: With an empty bar and in clean grip, perform 3 reps of the following: dip/shrug, dip/shrug/high pull, high hang muscle clean, high hang power clean, hang power clean, power clean from mid shin, front squats, press, push press, push jerk


Power Clean + Front Squat




+ 1 Jerk at the end of ea set.


Sets start every 4 min

%s Based off 4 Feb 1RM

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Final time on our Clean Complex before we re-test our Snatch and Clean & Jerk 1RMs.  One Power Clean and one Front Squat per rep.  As simple as this is, remember to keep full control at the end of one complex move and then maintain stability into the strength movement.  We get strong in these; your squat cleans will get better.  The %s go up from last time, but reps stay the same. Each round will be 4 Min.


4 Rounds:

10 Unbroken DB Floor Press

200M Run

5 Unbroken Push Press (115/80)

50 Double Unders

In today’s WOD, we’ll have floor press.  The weight is up to you, as long as you do the set of 10 unbroken each time.  If you break during the set, start over at 1.  For the Floor Press…. Set-up: Feet Flat on floor.  Shoulder Blades pinned together. Start with elbows on the floor, approximately at a 45-degree angle from the sides.  Execution:  Press both arms to extension above the chest.  Rest slowly, so as to not injure the wrists.  Release muscle tension (but, don’t relax) between reps with elbows on the ground.  In this WOD, the Push Press needs to be unbroken as well.


Scaling Options:

Run -> 250M row

Bar weight -> 95/65 -> as needed

DUs -> 50 Penguin Hops -> 100 SUs per round -> 100 Bunny Hops


Cool Down:

Doorway Stretch – 1 Min per side


Heel cord mash with bar – 1 Min per side

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