10 Cal Row

10 Cobra to Downward Dog

10 Scorpion

10 Iron Cross

10 Cherry Pickers

20 Sec Hollow hold

10 Hollow Rocks

5 V-Ups

5 Cal Sprint on Rower

Barbell warmup: With an empty bar perform 5 reps of: Good mornings, Kang Squats, RDL, Deadlift (bar to mid-shin), deadlift (bar to ankle).


Deficit Deadlifts


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Last time hitting Deficit Deadlifts this cycle before we re-test our 5X5!   With the reps per set being 5,4,3,2,1, respectively, the goal is to hit something heavy in each set.  The last set should be a heavy single.  If it happens to be a 1RM, cool!  But focus more on just getting something heavy up rather than chase a 1RM.



Row for Cals

On the 1:00 – 1 Ab-Mat Sit-Up

On the 2:00 – 2 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

On the 3:00 – 3 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

On the 4:00 – 4 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

On the 5:00 – 5 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

On the 6:00 – 6 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

On the 7:00 – 7 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

On the 8:00 – 8 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

On the 9:00 – 9 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

Think of this as an EMOM with a continuous row involved!  On the early minutes, with the lower Ab-mat sit up reps, try to crank on the cals!



Scaling Options:

AB mat sit ups -> Feet Anchored

If no rower, do Sumo Deadlift high pulls with 95/65. Every rep = 1 Cal


Cool Down:

10 Back roll to V-Sit (slow and controlled)


Roll out back – 30 passes

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