Grab pair of light DBs

30 jumping jacks

10 Thread the needle

10 pushup2downward dog

10 Scorpion

5 DB chest press (see vid in WOD section, courtesy of Case Belcher)

5 DB flyes (see vid in WOD section, courtesy of Mind Pump TV)

5 DB pull overs (see vid in WOD section, courtesy of The Active Life)

5 DB close grip press (See vid in WOD section, courtesy of Hybrid Fitness)


Bench Press


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Second time hitting Bench press this cycle!!!  Again, if you are still working from home and don’t have a Bench, feel free to substitute Floor Press in. On the Bench, make sure your shoulder blades stay glued to the bench, your butt maintains contact with the bench, your feet press into the ground (or have them on top of plates if you’re short), As the bar moves, think of trying to bend the bar in half as it comes down, and pull it apart as it comes up.  This will allow the shoulder and triceps to be used as best as possible in the movement.  This week, we drop to 3 sets of 5, so aim for heavier weight per set than what you used for 5X5 week.


“Bro Sesh WOD”!

3 Rounds:

10 DB Chest Press

10 DB Chest Fly

10 DB Pull-Overs

10 DB Close Grip Chest Press

-Rest as Needed Between Rounds-

*Use 1 Weight and do all 40 reps unbroken.


Below will be vids showing a demo for each movement in today’s WOD.  The goal is to go unbroken through all 40 reps in a round before you take a break.  The only pause would be transitioning from one movement to the next.  Believe me, you don;t need to go heavy to feel this one today!

DB Bench Press.  Keep the shoulders pinned to the bench, and palms slightly facing each other.  Don’t let the elbows flare way out as you go down.

DB Flyes.  Try to maintain same elbow position through whole rep.

DB Pullover (only need one DB).  Go to where you feel the stretch, but don;t go so far that your butt comes off the bench.

Close Grip DB Bench.  Again, don’t let the elbows flare out.




Cool Down:

Doorway Stretch – 2 Min per side


Triceps mash on barbell

Video courtesy of SSPT.

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