Stretch the whole body out before sitting down to watch the classic “Home Alone” (pic courtesy of Destination Mansfield)


pic and WOD courtesy of He+She Eat Clean

Home Alone WOD:

-When Harry or Marv gets hurt – 15 Jumping Jacks


-When you see Harry’s gold tooth – 5 Burpees


-When Marv says “Wet Bandits” – 10 Push Ups


-When you see the tarantula – 1 Min Plank


-When someone screams – Alternate 30 sec of High Knees and 30 sec of Butt Kicks for the duration of the scream

With today being an off day for the base, let’s take the WOD home!  All you need is for the movie “Home Alone” to come on (should be available on-demand or if you have a Blu-ray or DVD….or VHS), and then follow the above directions.  Enjoy the movie and enjoy some time with your family and friends, but BE SAFE!




Cool Down:

Take a walk in the neighborhood and check out Christmas lights


Enjoy time with family and friends, safely

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