Re-Test Week!!!  Time to see how much work you have put in over the last 9 weeks!!!



10 Cal Row

10 Cherry Pickers

10 Squat to Stands

200M run

10 Bow 2 Bends

10 Kneeling lat stretch

10 Iron Crosses

10 Scorpions

10 empty bar RDLs




Increase weight ea set

Compare to 29 Sept

Video courtesy of Starting Strength.  As we begin our re-test week, just thing of all the hard work you’ve put in since the start of this cycle.  The rep after rep after rep of each of these movements should be ingrained in your head, making it like second-nature to stay in good form.  Trust in your abilities, and get heavy!  You should be able to move more per set than you did on 29 Sept.  Get after it!


3 Rounds:

400M Run

30 Cal Row

200M Run

20 Cal Row

100M Run

10 Cal Row


*If no rower – Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65).

1 rep for every calorie

Cardio burner to finish off the day.  With each piece getting smaller during the round, look to speed up to the point where to 100M run and 10 Cal row are sprints, but then go back to steady pace on the larger pieces.  See if you can make it in under 20 Min.


Scaling Options:

If doing SDHP, bar weight -> 75/55


Cool Down:

Roll out lumbar and T-spine – 3 min


Calf stretch – 1 Min per side

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