50 Single Unders

25 SUs on l-leg

25 SUs on r-leg

30 Dubs or 3 attempts

10 Cobra to downward Dog

10 Alt. Toe Touch

10 Bow to Bend

10 Thoracic High Fives

Barbell warmup: With an empty bar and snatch grip, perform 5 reps of: dip/shrug, dip/shrug/high elbows, high hang muscle snatch, BTN push jerk (Still in snatch grip), high hang power snatch, power snatch from mid shin. Put bar down, shake out, then pick bar up in clean grip, perform 3 reps of: dip/shrug, dip/shrug/high pull, high hang power clean, hang power clean(mid-thigh), Power Clean from mid shin, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk     


EMOM for 8 Min:

2 Power Snatch (Climbing in weight)


2 Min Break, then…


EMOM for 8 Min:

2 Power Clean & Jerk (Climbing in weight)

Videos courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Our goal today is to keep our muscle memory on Power Snatch and Power Clean & Jerk fresh.  First set should be at around 50-60% of your 1RM.  Then, make weight jumps based off feel.





Double Unders

Ab-mat Sit Ups


Compare to 20191017

Good time to re-visit this benchmark.   This one is all about smooth pace on your dubs, and continuous movement on the sit ups.



Scaling Options:

DUs -> 2X Single Unders

Ab mat Sit ups -> feet anchored


Cool Down:

Alternating Calf Stretch in Downward Dog – 3 Min total

Video courtesy of JK Conditioning


Cobra pose – 2 Min

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