400M jog

10 Kickers per leg

10 Squat2Stand

10 Cossack Squats

10 Spider-Man Lunge

10 PVC Pass Thrus

10 PVC Around the World

DB warmup: Grab a light pair of DBs and perform 5 reps of:  Deadlifts (feet under hips, DBs outside feet), Deadlifts (Feet out wider, DBs inside feet), DB Russian swing, DB Push Press, Push ups on top of DBs, Devils Press (some quick reminders on Devil’s Press, video courtesy of CrossFit Federal Hill)



Push Press


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Third time with Push Press this cycle.  Reps go down to 3 per set this time, so aim for heavier weight per set than what you used in the 3X5 week.  As always, with Push Press, you should see a significant increase of weight you can handle vs. the weight you used for Strict Press.  With Push Press, getting a powerful dip, and then drive with the hips should get the bar moving fast!  Best way to avoid the re-bend of the knees is to squeeze your butt as you extend the hips and knees.  This should keep them good and straight as your press HARD!



Devil’s Press (50/35)

400M Run

Try to hit big chunks of the Devil’s Press before you need a break.  Maybe do 7-7-7 in the set of 21, then 5-5-5 in the set of 15, then 5-4 on the set of 9.  Treat the run as your recovery.


Scaling Options:

DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Run -> 500M Row -> 2 Min cardio


Cool Down:

Barbell Shoulder Stretch – 2 Min

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.


Roll out Lats – 1 Min per side


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