400M jog or 500M row

10 Box Step ups

10 Push Ups

8 Box Jumps

10 Bow2Bends

6 Box Jump Overs

Kneeling Shoulder stretch on box (see vid below) – 30 sec

Barbell warmup: With an empty bar, in Snatch Grip and perform 3 reps of: dip/shrug, dip/shrug/high elbows, high Hang Power Snatch, Power Snatch from Mid Shin.  Put down bar, shake out arms.  Pick up bar, perform 5 reps of: Good mornings, Back Squat, Elbow Rotations, Press, Push Press.

Video courtesy of Train FTW.  Demo of the kneeling shoulder stretch off of a box.


Push Press


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Second time with Push Press this cycle.  Sets go down to 3 this time, so aim for heavier weight than what you used in the 5X5 week.  As stated last time, with Push Press, you should see a significant increase of weight you can handle vs. the weight you used for Strict Press.  With Push Press, getting a powerful dip, and then drive with the hips should get the bar moving fast!.  Best way to avoid the re-bend of the knees is to squeeze your butt as you extend the hips and knees.  This should keep them good and straight as your press HARD!


Every 3 Min for 15 Min:

15 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

3 Touch-&-Go Power Snatch (Climbing)

Video courtesy of Keerawat Srirungroungjit.  The box jumps should help prime you for good hip extension for the Power Snatches.  Since these are Touch&Go, keep a good grip on the bar.  Highly suggest, as you bring the bar down from OH, pause at the hang (as shown in video), and then slowly lower the bar to the ground, to allow you to keep your body in the prime position to begin your next rep the second the bar touches the ground.  Try to go HEAVY today!


Scaling Options:

Box height -> 20/26 -> as needed


Cool Down:

Kneeling shoulder stretch on box – 2 Min


Thread the Needle hold – 1 Min per side

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