200M jog

Twisting Lunge 30’

Inchworm 30’

Side lunge 30’

Reverse Lunge 30’

On Rig:

5 Scap Pull Ups

5 Kip Swings

5 Kipping knee Raise

5 Toe2Bar

Barbell Warmup: With an empty bar and clean grip, perform 3 reps of: dip/shrug, dip/shrug/high pull, high hang power clean, hang power clean(mid-thigh), Power Clean from mid shin, Front Squat, Squat Clean from Mid Shin, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk     


3-Position Power Clean Complex (Above Knee, Below Knee, Ground)




+ 1 Jerk at the end of ea set.


Sets start every 3 min

%s Based off 17Sep2020

Video courtesy of Lift Lab.  Second time with our 3-Position Power Clean complex. The Power Cleans will be performed in a complex consisting of a rep from above the knee, below the knee, and from the ground.  This equals 1 rep of the complex.   The goal is to hold onto the bar during one complex rep, and finish with one Jerk (Push or Split) before putting the bar down.  The %s go up this week, so utilize that hook grip!  With these being Power Cleans, make sure you get a VIOLENT hip extension along with a HIGH pull before you pull yourself under the bar.


4 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

10 Toe2Bars

40 Walking Lunges

Make sure during the lunges, your back knee just kisses the ground.  Don’t slam that back knee into the ground.  The more care we give our joints, the longer they work right.


Scaling Options:

Run -> 500M Row

Toe2Bar -> Hanging Knee Raise -> Laying Toe2Bar

Walking Lunges -> In-place Lunge -> Air Squat


Cool Down:

Cobra pose – 2 Min


Couch Stretch – 1 Min per side

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