Jog 30’ and back x3

High knees 30’

Butt kickers 30’

10 Air Squats

Knee Hug2Hip Opener 30’

Inchworm 30’

5 Cobra to Hip Snap (see video below)

DB warmup: Grab a light pair of dumbbells and perform: 5 Deadlifts, 5 Front Squats, 5 Push Press, 5 Thrusters 

Video courtesy of Invictus Fitness.  The Cobra to hip snap gets you used to getting up quickly from the bottom of a burpee.  This is more effective than doing a push up and then jumping.  Use the quick SNAP of the hips to get your feet under you quick



For Time:

Buy In: 1 Mile Run



Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35)



Cash Out: 1 Mile Run


Scaling Options:

Run -> 2K Row -> 400 or Double Unders or 2.8 Mile Assault Bike


DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed


Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 1 Min per side


Roll out hamstrings and calves – 2 Min per side

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