400M Jog

30’ Spider-man lunge

30’ Heel2Toe

30’ Side lunge

30’ Bear Crawl

30’ Lunge w/twist

Barbell forearm rollout* 30 sec per side

Video courtesy of Performance Therapeutics.  Forearm roll out with a barbell.  Your forearms will thank you


3 Rounds:

800M Run

200M Farmers Carry (50/35)

100′ Walking Lunge

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Proper form for the DB Farmers Carry.  Notice the torso position.  Make sure you are not hunched over!  In the WOD today, on the walking lunge, make sure your back knee only kisses the ground.  Do NOT slam into the ground.



Scaling Options:

Run -> 1K Row -> 4 Min of Cardio

DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Walking Lunge -> in-place lunge


Cool Down:

Barbell forearm rollout – 1 Min per side

Just like in the warmup…


Couch Stretch – 2 Min per side

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