30 Jumping Jacks

10 Alt Toe Touch (feet wide)

10 Squat2Stands

10 Bow2Bends

10 Spider-man Lunge

10 Thread the Needle

2X30 sec kneeling wrist stretch

Barbell Warmup: With an empty bar, perform 5 reps of: Good morning, Back Squats, Elbow Rotations, Front Squat, RDL. Then, in Clean grip, perform 3 reps of: Dip/Shrug, Dip/Shrug/High Elbows, High Hang Power Clean, Hang Power Clean, Power Clean from Mid-shin, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk.  If you don’t have a bar, use light DBs.



15 Min to Build to a Heavy Complex of:

Power Clean + Front Squat + Jerk

Video courtesy of Will Flemming.  Take 15 Min to get good and heavy in this complex, as it will be the same movements, you’ll see in the WOD later.  The goal is, by going heavy during this piece, when you put the weights for the WOD on your bar, it will feel much lighter and you’ll be able to go throughout each 3 Min AMRAP in the WOD.



Macho Man Complex (135/95)

Rest 3 Minutes


Macho Man Complex (155/105)

Rest 3 Minutes


Macho Man Complex (185/135)


* 1 Macho Man Complex=

3 Power Cleans, 3 Front Squats, 3 Push Jerks

Video courtesy of CrossFit Hubtown.  So, in each 3 Min AMRAP, your goal is to get through as many rounds of “Macho Man” (3 Power Cleans, 3 Front Squats, and 3 Push Jerks) as you can in that time frame.  You don’t HAVE to hold onto the bar through the complex, but it is suggested.  There is a 3 min rest between rounds, so go all-out!  As you see, the weight goes up each AMRAP, so as it gets heavy, keep your form on point!


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 115/80, 135/95, 155/105, respectively -> 95/65, 115/80, 135/95, respectively -> as needed (make 3 weight jumps in WOD)


Cool Down:

Roll out T-Spine – 30 passes


Couch Stretch – 1 Min per leg

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