200M Jog

10 Walking Lunge

10 Inchworm

10 Cossack Squats

10 Alt Toe Touch

Grab light KB/DB

5 Goblet Squats w/2 sec hold at bottom

5 Push press per arm

3 OH lunge per arm



For Time:

600 Meter Run

50 DB/KB Single-arm Overhead Walking Lunge

600 Meter Run

50 DB/KB Single Arm Thrusters

600 Meter Run

50 DB/KB Goblet Squats

If you don;t have a KB or DB, use any object you can hold in one hand.  Weight-wise, pick something that is not overly heavy, but heavy enough where you would have to break every 12-20 reps.  Or, if you have a bar, do the movements with both arms, just aim to go a bit heavier.

Video courtesy of Feroce Fitness.  The Single Arm OH Lunge can either be walking or in-place

Video courtesy of Marcus Filly.  The Thruster can be DB or KB.


Video courtesy of WOF CrossFit.  If you do not have a KB, feel free to use a DB.


Scaling Options:

Run -> 750M Row -> 3 Min of cardio of choice

KB/DB movements – no weight


Cool Down:

Overhead Stretch – 1 Min

Video courtesy of Veterans Health Administration.


Calf Stretch on wall – 1 Min per side

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