Joint Strike Athletes:  Due to gym closure due to safety steps related with COVIS-19 resistance, we are going to post WODs that can be done at the track, at a park, in your garage, out in front of your house.   Ideally, these WODs will utilize a single Dumbbell, a Kettle Bell, a jump rope, and a pull up bar (not all at the same time).  If these items are not available, we will offer alternatives.  IF you have to alter WODs due to limited equipment, that is fine.  The point is, stay active.  If you have questions or need advice, alternatives, support, etc… please post here or on our Facebook page and one of our staff will get back to you.  We love this community and will do everything in our control to help keep you fit.  We WILL get through this and you CAN stay active through it all.



200M Jog

Side lunge 30’

Twisting Lunge 30’

10 Knee hugger to hip opener

10 Pike Push Ups off the ground

10 Over and backs


10 Min to work on:

Tripod/Headstand/Wall Handstand/free-standing Handstand/Handstand Walk

Depending on your skill level here are tutorials from frog stand (tripod) to free-standing handstand(video series courtesy of




4 Rounds:

10 Handstand Push Ups

200M Run

30 Walking Lunges

40 Mountain Climbers

50 Second Plank (top of push up)

Again, if you need to alter the WOD due to what is available to you, so be it. Another good alternative for Handstand Push ups can be seated heavy Dumbbell Presses.


Scaling options:

HSPU -> Pike Push up off box -> Pike Push Up off floor -> Hand release push up

Run -> 250M Row/.4Mile Assault Bike/150M Ski erg


Cool Down:

Scorpion Hold – 1 Min per side


Downward Dog – 2 Min

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