5 Rounds:

1 Min Max Reps Front Rack Dumbbell Step Back Lunges (50/35)

1 Min Max Hand-Release Push Ups

1 Min Max Calorie Row

1 Minute Rest


Score = Total reps + cals

Video courtesy of Functional Bodybuilding.  Quick demo of the DB Front Rack Reverse Lunge.  Today, keep an eye on the clock (or listen to the coach), once you are about 5-10 seconds away from the end of a minute, get ready to move to the next movement.  The only exception is the row.  Since you rest right after that, go until the end of the minute. For the Hand-Release Push Up, as long as there is air between your hand and the ground at the bottom of each rep, you’re good.  Do NOT let your body snake up as you push up.  Keep the core tight and body straight.


Scaling Options:

DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Hand Rel Push Up -> Push Up off bench


Cool Down:

Doorway Stretch – 2 Min per side


Childs pose – 3 min

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