Push Jerk

3X5 per leg

Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Second week of the Push Jerk.  Our goal this cycle is to not only get stronger in this movement, but to be more comfortable while under a load, making the Clean & Jerk more successful.  A secondary focus this cycle will be the controlled dip (you’ll see that here as well as in our high hang Snatch and Clean variations this cycle).  Learn how to not just drop suddenly into the dip, rather drop down in control like a coiled-up spring, and then as you VIOLENTLY extend upwards, you’ll get more power out of the hips, therefore moving more weight.  Once you extend and PUNCH with the arms, drop yourself under the bar FAST!  Make sure these are push jerks, not push presses. With the sets down to 3 this week, aim to go heavier in your work sets than you did in the 5X5 week.


EMOM 14:

Odd – 15 Russian KB Swings (70/53)

Even – 12 Toe2Bars

With the rep scheme of both movements, it should be very manageable to get the reps done in the given time.  Therefore, focus on perfect form on the reps.  One the KB swings, get that hinge of the hip while keeping the back flat, and VIOLENTLY extend the hips. For toe2bar, try to keep your feet together during the kip.  This will make the hips do more of the work and should be a more powerful kip.


Scaling Options:

KB weight -> 53/35 -> 35/25 -> as needed

Toe2Bar -> kipping knee raise -> laying toe2bar


Cool Down:

Cobra pose – 2 min


Roll out T-Spine – 3 Min

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