In 20 Min, complete…


Handstand Push Ups

Ab Mat Sit Ups

Immediately into…


Rope Climbs

Box Jumps (30/24)

Immediately into…

Max Reps with Remaining Time:

Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar)

Score = Reps for Muscle Ups


Your goal is to get finished with the back-to-back couplets as quickly as possible so you have as much time to get in as many Muscle Ups  as possible with the remaining time.  That said, unless you are a gymnastic master, I don’t suggest sprinting out of the gates on this.  Especially with the HSPUs and Rope climbs, think of hitting manageable chunks.  Try NOT to hit failure on those two movements


Scaling Options:

-Muscle Ups -> Jumping Muscle Up -> Burpee to Chest2Bar Pull Up -> Muscle Up Transition Drill

Videos courtesy of Ty Jones and Carl Paoli, respectively.  Try one of these Muscle Up Transitions (if doing the second one, just make sure you complete the dip at the end)

-HSPUs -> Pike Push Up off box

Video courtesy of NorCal CrossFit.  Demo of the Pike Push Up off a Box

-Rope Climbs -> 3 Rope walks per 1 rope climb

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Demo of a Rope Walk

-Box jump height -> 26/22 -> 24/20 -> As needed (Elite – 36/30)



Cool Down:

Roll out forearms – 1 min per side


Kneeling Shoulder Stretch on Box – 2 min

Video courtesy of filmteamet9a.  Demo of the Kneeling Shoulder Stretch (swap out the ladder this guy is using for your box)

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