pic courtesy of Iron Blaze CrossFit.  Don’t miss the Open announcement today at 5pm!


Goat Work:

Pick 2 Movements to work on, and set what # of reps in a minute you want to hit.

EMOM for 20. 

Odd – Movement 1

Even – Movement 2

Movement selection:

Pull ups (you pick the style: kipping, butterfly, strict)

HSPUs – Kipping or Strict

DUs (AMRAP for 45 sec)

Toe2Bar/Kipping Knee Raise

Squat Snatch (1-2 reps per minute. Work form)

Turkish Get Ups (1-2 per side.  Switch sides each time)

Assault Bike or Ski Erg (set # of Cals)

Muscle Ups

Clean & Jerks (1-2 reps per minute. Work form)

Alternating Pistols

For today’s work, “Goat” is short for “scapegoat.” It is a movement that you blame for a poor workout or performance.  So, our goal in days like today is to improve the performance of “goat” movements and work towards turning them to strengths.  So, today, pick two movements you would like to see improvement on, and figure a rep scheme you can accomplish in 30-45 seconds with very, very good form.  Your goal is to hit that rep count every minute that you do that movement.  Time left over will be rest to get ready for the next movement.  Also, if there is a movement, you are not able to do as RX’d work a scale of the movement that will help make you better and get you closer to getting it RX’d.


Scaling Options:

Scale movements as needed


Cool Down:

Roll out whatever hurts – 10 min

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