Pic courtesy of the Australian CrossFit Championship’s Instagram page.  Tune in this Thursday for the 20.2 announcement!!!



10 Minutes working on Pistol/Pistol Progression

Video courtesy of Carl Paoli.  Good progression to work if you still struggle with pistols.




5 Handstand Push ups

10 Alternating Pistols

15 Pull ups

A fun CrossFit benchmark!  Higher skills for today as well.  For the HSPUs, make sure you don’t crash your head on the floor on the way down.  On the pistols, make sure you fully lock out the hips before beginning the next rep.  Know you proper scales today too!


Scaling Options:

HSPUs -> Pike Push Ups off a Box -> Pike Pushups off the ground -> Hand Release Push Ups

Pistols -> Banded Pistols -> Pistols to a stack of plates -> Pistols to a box

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull Ups

Video courtesy of CrossFit Invictus.  Demo of banded pistols


Cool Down:

Roll out Lats – 20 passes per side


Pigeon Pose – 2 min per side

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