Push Press


Increase weight ea set

Compare to 13Aug

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Re-test on our Push Press 5X5!  Dip, drive, and squeeze the butt as you press up!  See if you can beat your weight from 13Aug.



Handstand Push Ups

Box Jumps (30/24)

*400M Ski Erg after each round

So, the way this will work, you will complete 21 Handstand Push Ups, then 21 Box Jumps, then 400M on the ski erg, then 15 HSPUs, 15 Box jumps, 400M ski erg, 9 HSPUs, 9 Box jumps, and finish with a 400M ski erg.  Also, the box jumps are meant to be a bit higher than what you normally see in a WOD.


Scaling Options:

HSPUs -> Pike Push Ups off a box -> Seated DB press

Video courtesy of Norcal CrossFit.  Quick demo on Pike Push Ups off a box


Box height -> 24/20 -> 20/16 -> as needed


Cool Down:

Box Shoulder Stretch – 2 Min

Video courtesy of CrossFitNMesquite.


Thread The Needle (hold bottom position) – 1 min per side

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