For Time:

4X200M Run (1 min rest between rounds)

directly into…

4X400M (1:30 rest between rounds)

directly into…

2X800M Run (2 Min rest between each round)


For the paths today, use the normal 200M route. 

For the 400M route, use…

For the 800M route, use…

With the break in the weather, time to get outdoors!  The way this works is you’ll run a 200M run 4 times (take a minute break between each), then run a 400M run 4 times (minute and half break between each), and lastly run 2 800M runs (2 min break between the two runs).  The clock will continue to run the whole time, so when you come in from a run, do the quick math to figure when your next run starts.  Your score is the time when you finish your last 800M run.



Scaling Options:

Run -> Row, 250/500/1000M, respectively


Cool Down:

Heel cord mash – 2 min


Roll out legs

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