REMINDER: The Combat PT Tent is on Holiday hours this Thursday, the 4th of July, so no scheduled class, BUT, we will publish a Partner WOD for that day, so please come in!  Bring a friend!




Russian Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

Ab-Mat Sit-ups

40’ Shuttle Sprints

For the Shuttle, Sprints, mark off a 40’ area so you have the two end points per sprint.  As your foot passes the end point on each sprint, reach down and touch the ground before you turn and start your next sprint.  Yes, the first round you will do 30 of the 40’ sprints, so have a good take-off so you get to the other end as fast as possible.


Scaling Options:

KB Weight -> 53/35 -> 35/26 -> As needed

Ab mat sit up -> feet anchored

Shuttle Sprints (cals on rower)


Cool Down:

Cobra to Downward Dog – 20 (slow and controlled)


Heel cord mash – 2 min per side

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